About Us

About Us



Risingsun Iodine Products Corp is a division of Risingsun Herbal Health Corp., a domestic corporation which has been doing business in Montana since 1998. Risingsun manufactures all of its iodine supplements in a GMP Certified and FDA inspected facility located in the great state of Montana. 


Established in 1998

Risingsun has been manufacturing supplements since 1998 and have implemented some of the most stringent GMP practices. You as buyer of Risingsun supplements will be able to view COA's (Certificate of Analysis) for each product you purchase. Risingsun hopes that other supplement manufactures follow this policy and provide COA's for their products.

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Risingsun Iodine Products GMP Records

GMP Certification From Montana Manufacturing Extension Center 2310 University Way Building 2 Suite 1, Bozeman, MT 59717.
  1. FDA onsite inspection November 20, 2019
  2. DEA Registration to manufacture Lugol's Iodine over 2.2%
  3. Potassium Iodide COA
  4. Lugol's 2.2% Iodine Solution COA
  5. Lugol's 5% Iodine Solution COA​​

Our Goal

Our goal and Risingsun Iodine Products is simple: provide the highest quality and purest iodine supplements available. To ensure we achieve this goal, our iodine products contain three ingredients; Potassium iodide, Iodine and distilled water. Risingsun uses potassium iodide from South America to make pure iodine crystals for our Lugol's iodine solutions. Since these crystals are made in house, we can assure our customers they are 100% free of toxins, heavy metals and allergens.

​Why Risingsun Iodine Is Different

Risingsun Iodine Supplements:
  • Labels reviewed by FDA
  • ​GMP Certified facility
  • FDA inspected facility
  • Registered with state of Montana
  • Lowest detected heavy metal content of any iodine supplement on the market
  • Separate production areas for each product
Risingsun is the only iodine supplement manufacturer that has separate production areas for each product. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and ensures the purity, safety and sanitation of our supplements.